Thursday, February 24, 2011

Am I going insane?

I have been tripping, falling, misplacing things and just overall feel like I am slowly losing my mind.

I feel a lot like this poem, which is one of my most fave poems of all time:

The Explorer
Somehow to find a still spot in the noise
Was the frayed inner want, the winding, the frayed hope
Whose tatters he kept hunting through the din.
A velvet peace somewhere.
A room of wily hush somewhere within.

So tipping down the scrambled halls he set
Vague hands on throbbing knobs. There were behind
Only spiraling, high human voices,
The scream of nervous affairs,
Wee griefs,
Grand griefs. And choices.

He feared most of all the choices, that cried to be taken.

There were no bourns.
There were no quiet rooms.

--Gwendolyn Brooks

Sorry to be so short on my first entry back, but my head really isn't in a place to write right now. Oh and a big thanks to Jacquelyn of Should I Blog That? for making my incredible header!


Emberlyn Rayne said...

I think you're just a lil stressed hunnie - but if you are worried, make an appt to talk with your dr.
And I'm sooo glad you like your new banner :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee, so nice to find you again. It has been a while since Country Pagans.
I hope you will find your place in things again soon. I know how you're feeling ; )
Have a great weekend

RubiesSapphire said...

Hey girl, I know how you feel. It sounds like you could use a little bit of YOU time...just you and something you find relaxing.

Miss ya...

RubiesSapphire said...

by the way, rubiessapphire is me MELODY :)